My Life Work

As a pragmatic idealist, my life consists of envisioning what could be, and figuring out what’s possible given what I have to work with. To me, taking the small steps towards big things with a clear vision is the best way to get things done. A thinker, doer, compassionate leader, mother, cook, gardener, writer, reader, musician, lover of art, theater, and business, I am never idle. For a living, I am a new media professional specializing in engagement disciplines that include CRM, social media, and online marketing. Yep, that makes me a data geek and a math head too.

I am a non-traditional people-oriented leader with more than 20 years of leadership experience in start-ups and global F100 companies. I am super focused on the changes we need to make for our society. Challenging market dynamics and unanswered questions motivate me and provide an outlet for my creativity. I have spent the last three years studying ways to evolve the economy including triple-bottom-line strategies, B-corporations, NFP, and CSR techniques. I am finding this knowledge useful every day in both my day job as a global marketing executive, and in my personal quest to help evolve our global economic structure to create a better world for all.

To give back, I’ve started “The Kinanda Foundation,” to focus energy and resources on the development of a strong, local, healthy food system in the Bay area. My partners are City Slicker Farms, and People’s Grocery.

 This blog is my personal platform to share my views. A professional overview can be found on Linkedin.


One thought on “My Life Work

  1. Enjoyed reading about your impressive career accomplishments! You have always and continue to amaze and delight me! So glad we are back in touch. (Great corporate head shot, by the way!)

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